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Kris Langenfeld Houston Dog Trainer Kris Langenfeld, CPDT-KA
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Kris spent many years in corporate America, but found working with her dogs and fosters much more rewarding. She has a degree in psychology and has transitioned that into animal behavior. After an apprenticeship with a local positive dog trainer, Kris decided to open her own business with the emphasis on pet dog training and behavior. She is a certified pet dog trainer with the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers and is currently a Professional Member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) and Proud Member of the Pet Professional Guild.

Adopting rescues for 30 years, she knows the difficulties and rewards (!) that come with giving these special dogs a second chance. Her passion is keeping dogs in their forever home. The number one killer of dogs is euthanasia in shelters. The number one reason they are there is behavioral related issues.

Kris gives you the tools and encouragement that are achievable and FUN in helping your dog become a well-mannered family member. Contact her for a personalized plan.

Our Philosophy

As your dog's guardian, using the most humane, effective teaching methods are critical to your dog's ability to learn. That is why we use positive reinforcement training techniques.

Dogs repeat behaviors that are safe or rewarding. They do not repeat behaviors that are dangerous or non-rewarding (i.e., boring). But this is from their point of view. If your dog keeps repeating a behavior that you feel is inappropriate, then think from his point of view, "How is he getting reinforced for that behavior?"

For instance, your dog jumps, barks and squeals in delight when you pull the leash out. And you think, "Why does he keep doing this? When I want him to sit nicely to have the leash attached?" Do you put the leash on when he's excited? Or do you put the leash on when he's calm? If it’s the former, then he thinks he's supposed to jump, etc. to get his leash on.

This is where positive reinforcement training methods excel. If you reward the behaviors you want, your dog will understand much faster than trying to "correct" undesirable behaviors. Plus, rather than just having a compliant, obedient dog, you have a happier, better relationship with your dog.

Setting a dog up for success will create an enriching environment and the appropriate behavior endures.

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